Audio Stories

We are pretty much done converting all Ghanada (also known as Ghonada) stories Audio Stories (Not Drama). There are 68 Ghanadar Golpo except a large fiction Surjo Kandle Sona.


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This is a proof of concept on how a Comic (Graphic Novel) can be converted into an audio visual format as a video which can be viewed on YouTube or some other paid subscription site online.

This format has the scope to have much more story to tell making it more a more complete story close to the original written story.

It can be translated into English or other languages. We can hope to bring Ghanada to the young Bengali generation, particularly who are not into reading Bengali literature.


Two audio dramas were published in mid 1980’s on audio cassettes.

Shekhar Chattopadhyay’s rasping voice brought our hero to life in a 1986 audio album. Shishir turns narrator here. Ram, mentioned in ‘Nuri’, also appears. The cassette cover featured a suave Bond-like Dos.

We believe they are not available right now as cassettes.

Some Ghanada Audio Stories/Dramas are available on YouTube. Most of them are pirated copies. You have to use your discretion.

91.1 Friends FM also broadcast dramatizations like ‘Ghanadar Gul’ (2012, Hnaash‘ & part of ‘Shuto‘ combined) and ‘Ghanada o Snuch’ (2012, ‘Snuch’).