Many of Ghanada stories had not only been translated and published in English in magazines and papers, two books in English had been published by the names (See below for more details)
1. The adventures of Ghanada and 
2. Mosquito and Other stories
Two books are also translated in Hindi, namely 
1. Ghanashyamda and
Ghanashyamda ka Aur Kissa



We are planning to translate all the Ghanada stories in English and publish them in a few volumes from renowned publishers like Penguin or Herper Collins during the next few years.

So far we translated 6 stories from Ghanada Samagra Vol 1.

Click here to get a taste of one of the stories ‘Poka’ (The Insect) that we translated.


Details of Already Translated Ghanada Stories 

As of Aug 2019, there are only two books on Ghanada in English.

  1. The Adventures of Ghanada

    Translator : Lila Majumdar
    Year : 1982, Revised Edition : 2006
    Published by National Book Trust, India

  2. Mosquito and Other Stories
    Translator: Amlan Das Gupta
    Year: 2004
    Published by Penguin, India
Click here to see the first few pages of the book

‘(The) Adventures of Ghanada’

Translator : Lila Majumdar
Year : 1982, Revised Edition : 2006
Publisher : National Book Trust, India
Illustrations : Subir Roy

Radhakrishna Prakashan, 1975

Hindi translations of
‘Ghanadar Gawlpo’ & ‘Aabaar Ghanada’ respectively. As in ‘Awphuronto Ghanada’, Ajit Gupta’s original sketches appeared in b/w.
Jacket Designer/s : Unknown

‘Ghanshyam-da Ke Aur Kisse’,
Radhakrishna Prakashan, 1976